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What I liked about my trip to the Barrier Islands

On September 21st, I went with the AIG class on a field trip to the Barrier Islands.  I got to see and do a lot of new things during that trip.  I slept in a cabin or beach house with a lot of friends from my school and new friends from other schools.  I ate good food, sang around a campfire, walked along the beach, walked through the mud, and learned about ecosystems by observing nature's creatures on the Island.  The one thing I enjoyed the most on my field trip to Barrier Island was the experiences I had at the beach!

The beach at the Barrier Islands looks very light blue from the reflection of the sky, and the waves were smooth and calming when the class arrived.  The water was cold because it was late September.  In the early mornings, the clouds looked really pretty, and seeing the beach reflecting those clouds was beautiful.

We went fishing too!  We used a huge net, and four people would split into two groups and bring it into the water, then after a few seconds, we'd bring it back in.  Everyone came running to see what we had captured.  All the fish we caught looked the same, and there were only about two sizes.  Either they were very skinny and small, or they were bigger and tall.  The beach must of had the most crabs I've ever seen in my life, and these crabs came in several different sizes and colors. We caught a large blue and somewhat red colored crab, and got to pet it's hard belly. The net entangled at least three purplish-pink jellyfish, and we got to hold it. It didn't look like it had stingers, and it felt very jiggly like jello. The last jellyfish we caught had a hairy brown spider crab who was actually riding it. The spider crab was very squirmy se we weren't allowed to hold it. In my opinion, it looked more like a spider than a crab.

This was also the first time I have ever seen dolphins! They were very, very close to the shore. They were pretty, but were very fast with going back underwater, and wouldn't leap completely out of the water like you see in shows. These dolphins also always happened to disappear every time you got out your camera. You'd be lucky to catch them on camera because they are just that quick.

Everything at Barrier Island was exciting and I'm glad I decided to go there. If you've thought about going there, I recommend it. It was even more fun because I got to get to know more about the other schools students, and I'm glad that I got to spend it with my classmates. The best part of the whole trip was enjoying the beach and all it has to offer. Enjoying the beauty of the beach and seeing the ocean's creatures just make the trip to Barrier Islands one that I will never forget.
-Emily Eubanks

Salt Marsh and Mud-Pit
At Barrier Island we went through a salt marsh. When we had entered the salt marsh we saw thousands of crabs. There were millions of them throughout the salt marsh, but we only saw the ones close to us.

The mud and water was up to our knees. There was drop offs, the drop offs caused many people to trip. The crabs were trying to get out of the water so we wouldn't step on them or hurt them.

The shoes we were wearing were black or very dirty, our socks were gray. We were close to the end of the salt marsh. Right then a crab crawled up my leg on onto my pants, it scared me!

Then we saw the mud-pit. There was mud everywhere. I was scared of getting muddy but I got muddy anyway, it was so much fun. I was covered in mud and so were a lot of kids. I loved the salt marsh and mud-pit
-Josie Studer

Written by: Emily Eubanks and Josie Studer, AIG students in Mrs. Mangum's class
Posted: Oct 19, 2011 by Airen Hartis

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