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Opening Eyes to Moroccan Culture

Pictured are Emily Romero and Kacey Williams with Morrocan author Laila Lalami.

Emily Romero and Kacey Williams recently attended a luncheon at Wingate University hosted by the Friends of the Ethel K. Smith Library and Wingate University Board of Visitors. Laila Lalami, author and Moroccan native, was the featured speaker.  Lalami is the author of Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits. 

Romero and Williams are seniors at Piedmont and attended the luncheon as part of the focus on globalization and exposing students to other cultures around the world. Lalami spoke about the background to the writing of Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, and then the students participated in a Moroccan-inspired luncheon. Lalami’s book is a collection of short stories that begins with the illegal journey of four Moroccans across the Strait of Gibraltar. Moments away from the shores of Spain, the boat capsizes and the passengers are forced to swim for their lives and their freedom.  Lalami’s book is an exploration of the past that led to this passage and the futures that emerge from this voyage.  

Lalami is currently an associate professor of creative writing at the University of California, Riverside.   When asked for their reflections on the event, Romero and Williams stated, “Lalami read an excerpt from her literary work, Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, that portrayed today’s societal expectations for Moroccan young women. Her words were both heartbreaking and humbling as our eyes were opened to how Moroccan women are limited and bound to societal views. Lalami filled us with gratitude for the opportunities we are given that allow us, as young women, to pursue both our hopes and dreams in America.” 

Written by: Donna Helms, Web Editor
Posted: Oct 19, 2011 by Donna Helms

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