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Mrs. Kerstetter's 4th Grade Class Reaches Around the World

Mrs. Kerstetter's class greets, student intern Miss Kim, while she visits Germany during an exchange program with UNCC.

Mrs. Kerstetter’s 4th grade class began the school year with Mrs. Kim, a student intern from UNCC.  Through the weeks the class interacted, learned and worked with Kim during many days.  The beginning of October Miss Kim left for Germany to participate in an educational experience.  She and several other UNCC students are learning how cities and countries in Europe approach teaching subjects like math and reading.  She spends most of her week in class with other teachers and students learning teaching methods.  She will also be working with students in Germany in the upcoming months. 

Miss Kim has been our link to Europe.  She has created a website for the students from our class and Sandy Ridge to use to learn about the places she visits and what life is like being in another country.  We communicate with her often either by, email or Skype.  The class truly enjoys using Skype to talk with Mrs. Kim.  She also shows us what life is outside her hotel by standing at the window with her computer.  The class really enjoys asking her questions and hearing about all her European adventures. 

Check out her blog and see where she has been.

Written by: Tracey Kerstetter
Posted: Oct 20, 2011 by Jeff Aten

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