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Dr. June Atkinson Visits Western Union Elementary

Dr. June Atkinson reads to Mrs. Bittner's third graders.

North Carolina Public Schools State Superintendent, Dr. June Atkinson, spent some invaluable time with Mrs. Bittner's third grade class by being their "Royal Reader".  She read to them from a book she wrote, "The T-Shirt Named Zee," which addresses determination, resilience, and empathy in an elementary school setting.  The students, who are learning to "be responsible for their own learning" by setting their own goals based on higher level thinking, related to the message in Dr. Atkinson's book.  Principal Rita Webb said Atkinson's presence helped demonstrate to students that they could grow up and become successful and important leaders.

After Dr. Atkinson read to the class, she answered the students' questions.  The questions ranged from her job, favorite reading genre, places she traveled, her elementary school years, and responsibilities that she has as  the state superintendent.

With "Royal Readers" and "Special Guests" that visit the classroom, Mrs. Bittner has an average of 50 visitors each year.  She does this so the students can learn from people in the community.  She hopes that the students gain knowledge about how important reading is no matter who you are or what your profession.  Having access to guests provides the students an opportunity to learn about different global topics.

Watching Dr. Atkinson interact with the students was an inspiration and it provided them with a memory that they will reflect on for many years to come. 

Written by: Jennifer Bittner, 3rd Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 21, 2011 by Carrie Johnson

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