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WHS DECA club gives back to the community

DECA club members pose with donations from the community. They collected 2,935 books and about 4,500 school supplies.

WHS DECA decided to give back to their community by kicking off the school year with a successful Back-to-school supply drive. The goal was to help out a local school in need; which is why they chose Rock Rest Elementary located in Union County. This poverty-stricken school has students who have little to no supplies provided to get the full educational experience. DECA’s goal was to supply each student with at least three books, and to provide each student with ample school supplies for the entire school year. To encourage mass participation, DECA created a competition between the 1st periods at Weddington to bring in the most school supplies and the winning class period received a free Chick-Fil-A breakfast sponsored by DECA.
The idea to begin this drive was proposed by the Community Service leaders, Mariah Barber and Mari Puleio, of WHS DECA. To help and provide for a community in need was just the way to start of the year for this club in a positive light. Mariah said, “It was the greatest feeling to see the teachers pick up the supplies because I knew all of our club’s hard work had helped not only reach but surpass our goal.” The teachers, who came to pick up all the supplies, making multiple trips (four van loads), said that this was just what they needed to get the motivation and excitement out of the kids; getting the kids to focus on the fun of reading books. In an attempt to assist, Weddington students will get the opportunity to go to Rock Rest and see first-hand the successful results of the drive by getting to meet and read to the students.
Thanks to all the participants, this drive was a huge success. In a span of three weeks, we collected 2,935 books and about 4,500 school supplies. These results exceeded our expectations and as a result all the students will have their needs met and then more. The top collecting 1st periods were Mrs. Manley and Madame Mead. DECA would like to congratulate them and thank them for all their time and effort put into this project. Many other classes had over 500 or 1000 points and without this school-wide effort these outcomes wouldn’t have been possible.
DECA and Weddington High School did a fantastic job helping their community and reaching out to make a difference. It is incredible how much was collected within a few weeks, and the students and teachers at Rock Rest Elementary will be very appreciative. All of Weddington High School and the surrounding community should be incredibly honored and proud to help so many kids in such a special way.

Written by: Morgan Mona, DECA club, Senior
Posted: Oct 24, 2011 by Cheryl Edwards

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