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Band Together

            Armed with instruments and clad in spirit wear, our own eight grade band joined forces with Parkwood High School’s Marching Band to play for the annual Eighth Grade Night on Friday, October 7th at Parkwood High School. They pumped up the players with their music, as the Rebels battled the Porter Ridge Pirates. 

            After meeting and warming up with the section members and leaders, the marching band and eighth graders assembled in the bleachers to provide a much needed distraction for spectators. It was a comical sight in some ways – high schoolers towering over middle schoolers, mature faces mixed with child-like ones as all of them played their hearts out. With classic songs like the NFL theme, “Go Big Blue”, and “Land of 1,000 Dances”, the band managed to provide a perfect soundtrack to the game. By the time it was over all parties involved were laughing and having a great time.
            As a participant myself, I can safely say it was a complete success. Don’t get me wrong, learning to march in an hour amid high schoolers who had been practicing since mid-July wasn’t easy. You had to roll your heels the right way, position your elbows precisely, and hold your feet at an exact 45 degree angle. But once you managed to learn how to keep from stepping on the heels of the trombone player in front of you, it was actually a lot of fun. 
            The verdict? Well, even though the final score of the game was not in our favor, Parkwood at least won in one area – the music!

Written by: Gabby Hubert
Posted: Oct 25, 2011 by Lisa Chapman

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