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Porter Ridge MegaParty

This pre-K student in Mrs. April Williams' class is all smiles as he takes a rest on a giant obstacle course designed especially for wee folks at our school's Mega Party!

What do you get when you mix giant inflatables, snowcones, lively music and happy children on a sunny October day? 

MEGA PARTY! Porter Ridge Elementary held its second annual Mega Party on Tuesday, October 18 to celebrate another successful fundraiser.  Students in grades PreK through 5 took orders for tubs of cookie dough and sold over $43,000 worth.  Now that's a lot of "dough"!   The school's profits will be 40% of the sales.  School principal, Mrs. Lisa Taylor said,"We are extremely fortunate to be supported by our parents and communities in this way! Our families' dedication to this fundraiser will help us as we continue to increase the technology in our classrooms!"   

Students were rewarded for their participation in the cookie dough sales by attending an outdoor party.  Grade levels attended in shifts for one hour each.  However, students with high sales were awarded an extra hour of fun.

One of the favorite items at the party was a gigantic "tiger" hunched on its front paws.  Students climbed to the top of the head and then slid down and out through the cat's wide open mouth.  What a thrill!  What a great time everyone had with their friends that day!

Written by: Penny Tomberlin
Posted: Oct 26, 2011 by Carol Blackwelder

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