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Recycling Makes A Difference

Mr. Paquette shows how much recycling has been collected this semester.

Parkwood has stepped up its efforts to "go green" this year and has been recycling items such as cans, plastic and glass bottles, paper, and cardboard. Mr. Paquette’s Earth Science class has taken full control of this project and has made it very successful.  They have taken over 2,000 pounds of recyclables to the recycling center for processing since the program began. According to Mr. Paquette, the recycling project began through “a collaboration of the science department ...We saw a real problem in the school in terms of waste. We teach a curriculum heavy in conservation and we decided to put these ideals into practice for the good of all of Parkwood.”

The class collects recyclables once a week, sorts them and then loads them onto a truck for delivery to the recycling center. They are currently looking for volunteers who would be willing to drive the recyclables to the recycling center on Tuesday afternoons. Teachers have been given boxes for recyclables in their classrooms, and Mr. Paquette hopes that the program will find some funding to "install durable permanent recycling bins in each classroom."

If you can help with this project or know someone who can, please contact Mr. Paquette.

Written by: Brittany Jefferson, edited by Regina Snelson
Posted: Jan 06, 2010 by Mrs. Regina Snelson

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