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Academic Boosters Hold "Soup"er Bowl Luncheon

Teachers enjoyed homemade soups and cornbread compliments of the FHHS Academic Boosters.

The FHHS Academic Boosters treated the staff to a "Soup"er lunch on Friday, February 5th. In honor of the Super Bowl weekend, parents organized a lunch of homemade soups, stews, and chilis along with cornbread and tea to show their appreciation to Yellow Jacket teachers and staff.

Crock pots covered the conference room table as teachers slipped in during their lunch periods to enjoy a hot bowl of soup served by parent volunteers. The teachers were very appreciative of the hard work that went into the luncheon and for such a kind gesture of support. The amazing aroma around the office may have caused a little jealousy for the students as more than one was heard to say, "What's going on back there?" Regardless of which team anyone was pulling for in the Sunday Super Bowl, all the staff members were winners at Friday's "Soup"er Bowl.  Good food and good will can really make one's day.

The Academic Boosters support all aspects of the academic programs at Forest Hills. For more information regarding this parent organization, contact Kathy Deese at 704-233-4001. Parents are encouraged to watch the website and listen out for telephone messages regarding an upcoming meeting.

Written by: Melissa Howell
Posted: Feb 11, 2010 by Melissa Howell

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