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Union County Public Schools unveils new image

After 16 years, the Union County Public Schools system is a very different school system from when it initially formed in 1993. To better reflect the school system it has become today, a new logo and image has been designed.

Union County Public Schools has a new look that more reflects the school system it has become.
Union County Public Schools was founded in 1993, the result of a merger between the Monroe City Schools and Union County Schools. When the school systems merged, a logo was formed to reflect the coming together of the two systems, thus the joining hands within a circle.
After 16 years, however, UCPS is a very different school system from when it initially formed. The system has grown from 17,000 students in 1993, to more than 38,500 students today, and from 29 schools to 50 schools. In 1993, less than 1 percent of the student population was Hispanic. Today, Spanish-speaking students make up 12 percent of the student population and there are more than 30 native languages spoken by students who attend UCPS schools.
“It’s important that our image reflect who and what we are today and who we strive to become,” said UCPS Chief Communications Officer Luan Ingram. “Today, we’re the sixth largest school system in the state and more importantly, a top performing one.”
The process of creating a new image has taken several months, the first involving the formation of a focus group comprised of parents, students, teachers, administrators and local business.
“Out of that focus group the slogan “growing possibilities” emerged,” said Arthur Rogers, UCPS Communications Specialists and graphic designer. “We did our research on symbols of education and came across an acorn, which symbolizes the hidden potential in children and the amazing possibilities of what they can become with proper nurturing and educational opportunities. The acorn took root and grew into the UCPS logo.”
The decision was made to not use an apple for the school system’s new logo, as it is used so frequently to represent education. “The apple represents the teacher, and the focus group wanted to make the new image all about children,” Rogers said.
During his research of the school system, Rogers also found that the community refers to the school system as UCPS rather than the more formal Union County Public Schools. Therefore, the new logo will utilize the letters “UCPS” rather than the entire name. 
The new UCPS colors will go from blue and gold to green and gold to better reflect the system’s attempt to design and build green and sustainable schools, thus meeting the challenge of being good stewards of the Earth, while meeting the fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers.
Part of the new image includes the creation of a new Board of Education official seal, which will only be used for formal and official documents.
Ingram said for a while both logos will be seen by the community while the old is being phased out; but as time goes on, the new logo will become dominate.
“A driving force in replacing the older logo is that it be done without incurring any additional or unnecessary cost,” Ingram said. “The new logo will be used only when it’s time to replace current product or when new product is created.” 

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, Publications Coordinator
Posted: Feb 06, 2009 by Deb Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator

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