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Skype With Our Sister School

Our school is partnered with another elementary school in Union County, Rock Rest Elementary, for a "sister school" relationship.  Seven classes at each school have been paired for communications throughout the second semester of the school year.  The students and teachers met each other this week through Skype, which made good use of available technology in each school for 21st century communication!  

Skype is an Internet telephone and videophone service.  Being software based, calls from Skype subscribers originate from their computers. All computer-to-computer calls between Skype subscribers are free, including video.

Students were able to introduce themselves and ask each other questions, providing a dynamic kick-off to future communications in the months ahead!  The principal from Rock Rest, Mrs. Wendy Gravely, will be visiting Rea View on Wedesday, February 17, as a guest speaker at the staff meeting as part of our quest to learn from one another. 

Written by: Diann Harvey
Posted: Feb 11, 2010 by Diann Harvey

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