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Dreams and Passions for Mountains of the World

Pablo Borjas takes students on a virtual field trip to mountains around the world.

Students in 4th and 5th grade at Shiloh Elementary had a Special visitor from Caracas-Venezuela. His name is Pablo Borjas and he is the brother of the Spanish teacher Patricia Medina. He came to talk to the students about his experiences as a mountain climber and guide.

Through a virtual field trip, students experienced the highest mountains of the world. Their trip started in AUYAN TEPUI in Venezuela where Angel Falls is located. (the tallest water fall in the world) Referring to a world map, as they traveled on their virtual field trip, students identified that CHIMBORAZO is in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. They also located ACONCAGUA in Argentina(both mountains are in South America), and the AMA DEBLAM in the Himalaya, India.

Students learned how important is to point out hazards in the mountains and that travelers have to have certain equipment and be able to communicate effectively. Students realized just how many important skills are needed for mountain climbing, and that all supplies have to be transported by the travelers. Everything needed must be carried at all times during a mountain climb. Students were amazed to realize that mountain climbers must be tied to each other in their climbs. Students were also encouraged to to remember that respecting the environment is essential, and that all GARBAGE must be transported home for proper disposal. Mr. Borjas told the students that climbing required a lot of hard work, and they should carry all gear and never leave their bags behind. He also told the students they have to respect nature, and they are going to meet people from different countries and make new friends.

As a summary Mr. Borjas told the students that in order to prepare for a trip to climb a mountain the person must have to set goals and encourage the students to have DREAMS AND PASSION for it and that everything have to be done with:


The Presentation ended with a set of very good questions from the students.

Written by: Patti Medina
Posted: Feb 12, 2010 by Mr. Mark Greene

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