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Bringing an expert into the classroom

Students talk to Mr. Boyer using Skype

Students in the 5th grade are studying important events that occurred during the Revolutionary War, which ends in a class debate with Mrs. Gwinn. Each student is assigned to be either a Loyalist or a Patriot and they have to really understand both sides in order to defend their own position. Mrs. Boyer (5th grade teacher) is married to a History teacher, so she brought his expertise into her classroom. She asked for his support, but he expressed that he really couldn't leave his school to do that, but suggested that maybe they could do it through Skype. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions that will help them be better prepared for the debate. It was so easy to do and it made a huge impact for the students. We are now looking for different opportunities to bring experts from across the state, nation and world into our classrooms.

Written by: Ken Hoover, Principal - Antioch Elementary
Posted: Feb 12, 2010 by Kenneth Hoover

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