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National Board Teacher Recognized

Jen Guckenberger with Dr. Ed Davis

Congratulation Jen Guckenberger, National Board Certified Teacher!

We are so proud of Mrs. Guckenberger. She has successfully gone through the process to become a National Board Certified Teacher. The process to become a NBCT includes taping yourself teaching, reflecting on what you see, planning integrated lessons, and an exam. We all knew Mrs. Guckenberger was an amazing teacher and now she has the certification to prove it! This year we have seven more teachers going through the process of becoming board certified. We wish them all luck as Mrs. Guckenberger can attest to the fact that it is a long process, but well worth the satisfaction of knowing you rank among the top in the country. Way to go Mrs. Guckenberger and good luck to our seven teachers going through the process!

Written by: Ken Hoover
Posted: Feb 12, 2010 by Kenneth Hoover

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