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Founder of Girls on the Run Visits Marvin

On Thursday 2/11/2010, Molly Barker, Founder of Girls on the Run, visited Sarah-Emily Peterson's 4th Grade Class at Marvin Elementary School. Ms. Barker had been invited to speak as the result of the 4th graders recent 'Notable Tarheel' social studies projects. One of Ms. Peterson's students, Aislinn, had chosen Barker to research and present about as her "Notable Tarheel." Aislinn had previously been a part of Marvin's Girls on the Run program, and the experience had left a lasting impression.

When Aislinn's mother learned of the project, she plotted to come up with a way to have Barker, a local resident, come and visit Aislinn at the school. Mom not only ended up surprising her daughter with the 'secret visit', but worked with Ms. Peterson to surprise the entire class as well. During a one hour presentation in the school media center, Ms. Barker shared life stories, gave an inspirational message to the students, and had the 4th graders participate in interactive and kinesteic activities.

Following her time with Ms. Peterson's 4th grade class, Ms. Barker surprised the school's Thursday Girls on the Run group with an unannounced visit. Barker met students, signed shoes, and again, shared inspirational stories and a message with the 3rd-5th grade girls who were gathered.

Written by: Sarah-Emily Peterson
Posted: Feb 15, 2010 by Marni Menkin

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