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Kings Team Creates Global Graphs

The King's Team has been discussing the 2010 Winter Olympics in social studies class.  In order to help students vizualize different ways of life from all over the world the King's team gathered in the gym for an activity.  Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Corell read the book, If the World Were a Village by David J. Smith.  This book creates a make-believe village of 100 people, who are meant to reflect the wrold's population.  The book brings to light different nationalitites, religions, languages and much more. 

    In order to help students visualize this data even more, students created graphs using post-its.  The bar graphs and circle charts were a visual representation of global topics.  Students were able to realize that not everyone in the world can read, that many people don't have electricity or clean air and water, and that Asia is the most populated continent.  During the Olympics, countries come together to compete in athletic events, on commond ground, and in a sportsman-like way.  Vancouver, Canada is a global village from February 12 through Februrary 28th.  The students of the King's team have a better understanding of the differences and similarities of the global community thanks to David J. Smith's book and the Winter Olympics.

Written by: Kristen Crossley
Posted: Feb 16, 2010 by Casey Stringham

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