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Pancake Day Races Held at Prospect

Second Graders participating in Pancake Day Races.

Miss Singleton's Second Grade class took part in a pancake race on Tuesday as part of their cultural awareness study. Pancake Day is held annually in England, on the Tuesday before Lent begins. Traditionally, on this day, people use up items such as butter and eggs that are forbidden during Lent. Adults and children across the country will enjoy at least one pancake on this day! Popular toppings for the pancake are lemon juice and sugar or syrup. Children may make pancakes at boy/girl scouts or school, as well as eating them at home. A pancake race is often held and participants must hold a frying pan and toss their pancake as they run. Second Grade enjoyed learning about the English traditions associated with this day as well as how to make and toss a pancake. Students practiced their skills in the classroom and even made a Skype call direct to Miss Singleton's mother and grandmother in England for tips on catching their pancake! They then went outside to enjoy a close and competitive race.

Written by: Emma Singleton
Posted: Feb 16, 2010 by Cindy Ginger

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