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Sisters make a difference at Marshville

Anna and Jaclyn Edwards display some of the clothing donations that were made by their efforts.

Anna and Jaclyn Edwards wanted to do something to help other students at Marshville Elementary who are in need. They started by bringing in a few of their own winter coats to donate. When Mrs. Miller thanked them and told them that there are students here who would be very appreciative, Anna and Jaclyn took it upon themselves to start their own clothing drive. They started with a few small donations and some Valentine's Day money from their family and purchased brand new clothing. Anna even called her mom's supervisor to see if donations could be collected at their mom's work. Anna and Jaclyn are very excited to help their fellow school mates. On Monday they needed help from their mom and their brother, Brandon to carry in all the bags of new clothing that they donated!

Written by: Kelly Van Daley
Posted: Feb 18, 2010 by Kerri Edwards

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