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Marching Warriors Awarded Grand Champions

It begins with two weeks of hardcore camp in late July, early August…out in the hot sun for roughly seven to eight hours a day.  Following that are long practices—at least two, sometimes three, times a week after school.  No, it’s not boot camp. It’s marching band.

 As one band mom put it, “I had always thought that the band performed mainly at football games and during a parade—silly me!”  Until her child joined the band this year, she had no idea how much time, energy, and work band members put into perfecting a show for fall competitions.  Most people don’t.   

 Under the direction of drum major Hannah Firth, the 51-strong Weddington High Marching Warriors earned Grand Champion at the final competition at South Rowan High School.  Taking first place in every category of the 2A class, they ended up with the highest score for classes 1A and 2A. 

Band teacher Mr. Robert Owens gives credit to the students:  “It takes a lot of hard work and determination to reach the level the students have reached,” he says. Consistently competing at a superior level during the season, the Marching Warriors brought home 27 first and second place trophies in the categories of music, marching, general effect, drum major, color guard, percussion, and placement in class. 

 But they did not do it all alone.  “It takes a team of people to run this organization, and I appreciate everyone involved,” Mr. Owens says, acknowledging the constant support of the parent booster club and the staff of WHS.    

 (For more information about Weddington’s band and for photos from all their competitions, visit www.weddingtonbands.net.)

Written by: Lisa Biehl, PTSO Publicity Committee
Posted: Feb 21, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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