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UCPS students offer relief efforts to earthquake victims in Haiti

East Union Middle students present a check for $1,500 to Sheila Crunkleton of the Union County chapter of the American Red Cross.

    Following are but a few of the numerous efforts by UCPS students and educators to help offer relief to the earthquake victims in Haiti. These stories are told by the staff at the schools.

East Union Middle School
The earthquake that hit Haiti shook the hearts of students at East Union Middle School in Marshville. Project Haiti is the fundraiser that the school’s C2J Club started to raise money for the Red Cross to help Haitians.
There are more than 1,000 students and staff at East Union Middle. "If everyone donated $1, then East Union would have $1,000 to donate," said RJ Aldridge, an eight grader and officer for C2J.  "We want everyone to know that even a middle schooler can impact the world, one dollar at a time. We can make a difference."
The fundraiser ended with the students and staff exceeding its goal, and on Feb.  10, 2010, C2J members, along with teacher Sherrlyn Success presented a check for $1,500 to Shelley Crunkleton of the Union County Red Cross chapter.

-- Bo Jennings, C2J advisor and seventh-grade teacher

Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts

Benton Heights Elementary School's Jagged Pearls Club has a lot of love for Haiti. In February the Fourth-Grade Girls' Club made heart earrings and sold them to raise money for Haiti victims.

"We sold 500 pairs of earrings and raised $2,500," said the Jagged Pearls advisor Renee Rogers. "The response was remarkable! The girls really learned a big lesson about giving without expecting anything in return."

  All of the money went to the Union County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

---Renee Rogers, teacher at Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts

Fairview Elementary School
Fairview Elementary students anxiously waited in line in late January to donate their money for the people who are suffering in Haiti. Fairview's counselor, Rachel Seighman, came up with the fundraising idea to sell red paper hearts for $1.
Students lined up each day to give their money and write their name on a red heart. The sign and all the red hearts have been placed in the front lobby of the school. I was extremely touched when I opened some of the envelopes and the children's parents had written, "Luke chose to give his own money from his money bank."
I think it is important to remember that children can be extremely affected by the graphic images shown by the media. It is important for them to be reassured that the world is coming together to help this nation.
The students at Fairview Elementary are trying to do their part to help others around the world. With our focus on globalization, our students have become more aware of other countries and their way of life.
As of Feb. 2, 2010, we have raised $778.80 for the children in Haiti.  I am so proud of our students.
-- Kelly S. Thomas, principal at Fairview Elementary School

Sardis Elementary School
My name is Jennifer Cooper. I am a second-grade teacher and a member of Sardis' Community Outreach Committee. I am proud to let you know shortly after the earthquakes that occurred in Haiti, Sardis Elementary began a "Hearts for Haiti" campaign.
Teachers sold hearts of varying colors to staff, students, and families in our community. Red hearts were worth $1, pink- $5, and lavender-$10. Our campaign lasted about three weeks. I am pleased to let you know our school raised $1,205.61 for the people of Haiti. The money we raised will be donated to the American Red Cross. 
This campaign was important for our students and community for many reasons. "Hearts for Haiti" informed students and their families about geography and globalization. In addition, this experience taught students the importance of being empathetic toward those who are in need.
We at Sardis are very proud of the success of our "Hearts for Haiti" campaign. It is our greatest hope that more schools will participate in their own "Hearts for Haiti" campaign to help the people of Haiti.
-- Jennifer Cooper, second-grade teacher

Stallings Elementary School
Students at Stallings Elementary couldn't stand idly by and watch the devastation in Haiti. They did something about it – collect money for the Red Cross to send to Haiti.
There was, of course, a little competition. Each hallway in the school competed against each other. Their reward for winning? Besides pride and satisfaction that they made a difference, the winning second/third-grade hallway won a chance to wear "crazy hair" for a day on Feb. 1, 2010.
The competitive collection was called "Crazy Hair Because We Care.” The students really rallied together to help the situation in Haiti and wanted to be a shining light in their otherwise bleak situation.
The total collected was $3,516. This was presented to the Red Cross representative Mary Milam on Feb. 3, 2010, while the second and third-grade students looked on.
-- Janice Deane, media assistant, Stallings Elementary School


Written by: Compiled by Deb Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Feb 24, 2010 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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