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Fairview Students Offer Relief Efforts to Earthquake Victims in Haiti

Fairview Elementary School

Fairview Elementary students anxiously waited in line in late January to donate their money for the people who are suffering in Haiti. Fairview's counselor, Rachel Seighman, came up with the fundraising idea to sell red paper hearts for $1.

Students lined up each day to give their money and write their name on a red heart. The sign and all the red hearts have been placed in the front lobby of the school. I was extremely touched when I opened some of the envelopes and the children's parents had written, "Luke chose to give his own money from his money bank."

I think it is important to remember that children can be extremely affected by the graphic images shown by the media. It is important for them to be reassured that the world is coming together to help this nation.

The students at Fairview Elementary are trying to do their part to help others around the world. With our focus on globalization, our students have become more aware of other countries and their way of life.

As of Feb. 2, 2010, we have raised $778.80 for the children in Haiti. I am so proud of our students.


Written by: Kelly S. Thomas - Principal of Fairview Elementaty School
Posted: Feb 25, 2010 by Richard Wikfors

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