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When The World Calls For Help…Antioch Answers

Transportation director Adam Johnson loading bus with goods bound for Haiti.

Globalization efforts have spread like wildfire through the hearts of children and adults alike at Antioch Elementary. Dr. Davis, Superintendent of Union County Public Schools, has always emphasized the importance of globalization in the school system. He wanted the community to be more aware of the importance and needs of others, not only in our country, but in all other countries of the world. The hearts and minds of the students and staff at Antioch have not only heeded, but exceeded expectations in this worldly effort. The latest endeavors in helping others have occurred in many facets.

Remember the phrase, “Trick or Treat for UNICEF?” It seems a classroom of students at Antioch Elementary know it very well. Meg Nance, a third grade teacher, and her class collected money for UNICEF this past October. They collected over $45.00 and received a certificate for their important accomplishment. (UNICEF, formerly known as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, is an important organization established to provide humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. Monies collected in the small boxes from the students go towards relief efforts in Haiti.)

Jane Parks, a TA at Antioch, sent out emails and fliers asking for donations for a fellow TA, Anita Stevenson, whose family was directly affected by the catastrophe in Haiti. Anita Stevenson’s in-laws were in Haiti when the earthquake hit. The monies collected were sent directly to Haiti for use by the Stevenson family.

The fourth grade classes, collectively, started a coin drive and raised, so far, almost $300.00. The children created presentations to educate other students about the Haiti tragedy and share with others what all students could do to help. The daughter of Anita Stevenson, Kezia, a fourth grader herself, was personally affected by the earthquake, which made the experience even more real for the fourth graders. The money collected from this drive will be donated to a contact known personally by Mrs. Stevenson. This individual is responsible for building schools and foster care housing for children in need.

And most recently, Heather Ries, a fifth grade teacher, and her class have adopted the theme, “How Can We Effect Change In The World”. Mrs. Ries wanted to promote the realization of our job as citizens to help others and make change happen. The first of several service projects was helping to “Stuff the Bus for Haiti.” The goal was to literally stuff the bus with supplies, which would be packaged and sent to help those in crisis in Haiti. Some of the supplies needed were: soap, toothpaste, canned goods, etc. In order to obtain an abundance of supplies, the 5th grade students were divided into three groups and used their creativity to make pleas for donations. The first group presented a song and dance sketch on the morning announcements. The second group created a two-minute presentation and asked for donations from every class in school. The third group made posters asking for donations and placed them all around the campus. The efforts of the class resulted in a tremendous outpouring of generosity in both supplies and monetary donations.

All of these efforts prove that Antioch Elementary is always willing to step up to the challenge; when someone calls this community for help, Antioch is sure to answer…in a most extraordinary way!

Written by: Ann Peery, Antioch Elementary School
Posted: Mar 02, 2010 by Kenneth Hoover

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