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UCPS seniors break record -- $51 million in scholarships

Graduating seniors from Central Academy of Technology and Arts are all smiles as they wait outside of Austin Auditorium at Wingate University for their graduation ceremony.

Union County Public Schools 2009 graduating seniors broke an all-time record this year by bringing in $51.1 million in college scholarships.
The 1,541 scholarships, with a four-year value of $51,106,828, were awarded to 593 of the school systems 1,920 college-bound seniors. This breaks last year’s $31.7 million offered through 1,184 scholarships that were awarded to the 519 of the 1,809 college-bound 2008 graduating seniors.
"Last year when the Class of 2008's total scholarships rose to $31.7 million, breaking all records and exceeding the previous year by $9 million dollars, it gave us pause that the tremendous increase just might have been one of those extraordinary classes that you sometimes see in education,” said UCPS Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis. “Then the total value for the Class of 2009 surpassed this by $20 million and I just continue to be amazed.
“This is great news at any time, but even more so given the economic stresses of this past year,” Davis added. “Many of our students will be able to fulfill their college dreams, that otherwise might not have been possible without scholarship money.”
Piedmont High School students brought in the most dollars when 80 of its 180 college-bound seniors were offered $14,770,618. Weddington High School seniors had the second largest sum, when 92 of its 315 college-bound graduates brought in $6,963,722 in scholarships.
Eighty-three of Marvin Ridge High School’s 232 college-bound seniors brought in $5,987,508; while 48 of Forest Hills’ 160 college-bound graduates brought in $4,884,660; and 73 of Sun Valley High’s 288 college-bound graduates pulled in a total of $4,722,356.
Seventy of the Porter Ridge High’s 296 college-bound graduates brought in $4,412,681; while 64 of Parkwood High’s 215 college-bound students received $3,861,447; and 34 of Monroe High’s 109 college-bound graduates pulled in $3,004,528.

Forty-eight of the 121 college-bound seniors at Central Academy for Technology and the Arts brought in $2,498,080; while one of the four college-bound seniors at South Providence pulled in $1,228.
“I really want to commend the winning students and their parents and hope that they, in turn, will join me in congratulating the teachers, counselors and administrators who all work hard to provide a post-secondary education for those students who want it," Davis said.
Applying for scholarships is free, but applying for admission to universities can run a student between $30 to $50 for each college application. Although this can become costly if the student applies to several universities, applying for admission automatically places the student in consideration for any scholarships the college may offer.
School counselors usually recommend students begin applying for scholarships during their junior year, while the student is researching majors and universities.

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, Publications Coordinator
Posted: Jul 16, 2009 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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