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"Helping Hands for Haiti"

Prospect' Student Council making rescue kits for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Prospect Elementary spent much of February collecting money and rescue kit items for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The kickoff program was held in the school gymnasium. An ActivStudio presentation was shown to the students to educate them about the country of Haiti, its people and the devastation that resulted from the earthquake. Students were also given information about how earthquakes are measured and were able to view before and after pictures of earthquakes that have occured around the world. Mary Milam from the American Red Cross chapter of Union County, also spoke to the students about how they can prepare their own homes in case of an emergency or natural disaster.

The students and teachers raised money by bringing $1.00 for our "Heroes for Haiti" wall in the school's cafeteria. For each dollar the students or teachers brought in, they were able to put a Hero card on the wall. Over 700 cards were purchased in an effort to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

In addition to raising money, the students collaborated with a local church organization to collect rescue items such as toothbrushes, washcloths, hand towels, bandages and hair combs. All of these items were used to make rescue kits to send to Haiti. Prospect's Student Council made 75 complete rescue kits and sent many other items for the production of more rescue kits.

"We are very excited to have raised as much money as we did, along with the collection of the rescue kit items. The students and parents in the community went above and beyond in order to do the right thing for the people of Haiti. We are very proud of their efforts", stated third grade teacher Erin Helms who co-coordinated the effort along with second grade teacher Kelly Nance.  

Written by: Erin Helms
Posted: Mar 03, 2010 by Cindy Ginger

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