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Congresswoman Sue Myrick's Lunch Visit

On Monday, March 1 Congresswoman Sue Myrick visited Waxhaw Elementary to eat lunch with Ms. Danielle Conner's third grade class.  After reading a Time for Kids news article about the changes with the school lunch program, Conner’s class wrote letters to Myrick.  They invited her to come and eat lunch with them to see what it was like to eat lunch in their school’s cafeteria. 

Several weeks later, Myrick’s representatives contacted the school to schedule a day to come eat lunch with the students.  The students were very excited about her arrival on Monday as she walked through the serving line and ate at the lunch table with them.  After lunch, Myrick talked with the students and they gave her suggestions such as “keep the chicken nuggets” and “add more fruits and vegetables”.  Myrick appreciated their suggestions and took their written responses with her so she would have the information to share with others.

Written by: Cheryl Lawrence
Posted: Mar 03, 2010 by Kimberly Thomas

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