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Green Team Hosts Visitors

On Thursday, February 25 the Green Team hosted visitors from Union Power Cooperative. They were here to support our learning about electricity, circuits, conductors, and insulators. A display was set up to show how we get power from the electric company to our houses. The elaborate model also included a demonstration of safety concerns around power lines. The children were introduced to "Buzz" and saw first hand that a person can be a conductor of electricity -- so always think safe when near power cords and outlets. Mr. Hal Setser, also, shared some ideas about conserving electricity around the house. Some cool light bulbs were on display. You could really feel the difference in the heat output of the bulbs! Using a meter, he showed how much power can be saved by using CFL's. Not long ago, the Green Team put signs up around the school to remind every one to "Be Bright --turn off the light." We just want to remind everyone to do their part to save energy. We had a great time learning about science thanks to Union Power Cooperative!

Written by: Kate Milutin, M. Ed., NBCT
Posted: Mar 05, 2010 by Mr. Mark Greene

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