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Let The Derby Begin

The race is on! This weekend, twenty-six talented Weddington DECA members embarked on their journey to Greensboro, North Carolina to attend the State Level Career Development Conference. Two thousand and thirty-five students from all across the state were fighting to win coveted prizes to become “Lead Jockeys” and advance to the national competition in Louisville, Kentucky.  All of the events were marketing related events, but ranged from Automotive Services Marketing to Apparel and Accessories Marketing.

            Prior to the conference, students were required to take competency tests at their respective high schools that were related to the events that they were competing in. These tests were both challenging and specific, testing the student’s ability to comprehend marketing terminology and other multiple-choice questions. Weddington Seniors Marina Fanous, Zan Henry, and Chris Blackham all finished in the top of their categories for their test scores and were recognized at the Awards Ceremony.

             Once getting to Greensboro, students had the option of taking three tests, one in Economics and Enterprise, one in Applied Marketing Mathematics, and one in Fundamentals in Marketing. Immediately after the tests, students found out if they had received proficiency, which meant that they had received a certain score on their test. The top 10 test scores were then announced at the Awards Ceremony. Senior Spencer Martin placed in the top 10 test scores for the Applied Marketing Mathematics test and was recognized at the ceremony for his score.

            Quite possibly the most interactive portion of the competition were the Role Play Scenarios. Competitors were given 10 minutes with a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, and a sheet of paper outlining a specific scenario, which included points that needed to be included in the subsequent presentation. The students were then required to franticly jot down notes that would help them to enhance their presentation. As the competitors entered the presentation room, they were greeted by a judge who then asked them to present the scenario, followed by questions that would test the on-the-spot comprehension of the students. Senior Francesca Suppa competed in Restaurant Food-Service Management and was awarded a medal for getting the highest possible role play score in her category. When asked about how she felt prior to entering the judging room, she said, “I felt more nervous than anyone else, because I knew if I didn’t get a good score on my role play it would be embarrassing since I have worked in my father’s restaurant and have managed it.” Other Weddington students that were given medals for their high-scoring role-plays were Casey Chepko, Chris Blackham, and Sophia Lange.

            As the weekend came to a close, all that was left of the Career Development Conference was The Grand Ceremony. There, those that earned both high test scores and high role plays were honored for their achievements and would become “Lead Jockeys”. Though they did not place in the top 3 or 4, Marina Fanous and Chris Blackham both were in the top 10 for their category. In the “LEARN and EARN Project”, teammates Chris Blackham and Michael L’Hommediu placed third in the event and will be going to nationals to compete.  They accepted the award with the absence of Carley Chimenti, who was a part of the trio in the event, working all year on this presentation. Unfortunately she was unable to make the state conference due to a serious unexpected trip to the hospital. Fortunately she will be joining the other two competitors in Louisville to represent Weddington.

Written by: Spencer Martin, student
Posted: Mar 08, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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