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Eddie's New Year


Eddie, a new student here from China, his sister Allyson and his Dad, Mr. Quesinberry, came to school to talk to 4th grade about the Chinese New Year and culture. Allyson taught us about the cities from which Eddie and his youngest sister were adopted, showed us clothes worn by Chinese children on special occasions and talked about some traditions in China. â€œShe told us about how the old people play Hacky Sack in the park, early in the mornings,” said Yeraldo, a 4th grader in Mrs. Weidner’s classroom.  Johnathon, also in Mrs. Weidner’s class, said that he learned that, “Most people live in skyscrapers, not in homes like most Americans do”.

Allyson also told us about the celebrations that take place for the Chinese New Year. â€œParents give their children red envelopes with money inside. The envelopes are red because it is a sign of good luck”, explains Antonio, from Mrs. Weidner’s class. Allyson showed us the Zodiac Signs for the year we were born. “I am a year of the Dragon since I was born in 2000,” said Karen.

Mr. Quesinberry, Eddie’s dad, told us all about his adventures in China when getting Eddie and how Eddie is adjusting here in his new home. It took him 20 hours to get to China and he only had a week’s notice. He had to get to Eddie and fill out all of the official forms before Eddie turned 14. He finished with only minutes to spare. Eddie was able to leave China, with a special M&M treat in his pocket, to come to his new home and family.

Eddie, who was born deaf, knows Chinese sign language and how to write in Chinese. He is learning ASL, signed English and how to write in English, all while adjusting to a new culture and family. His favorite things to eat are fruits and vegetables. He loves candy too! His parents and sisters are learning sign language as Eddie does. â€œHis favorite movie is Kung Fu Panda,” says Mr. Quesinberry, “It makes him laugh. He made me stand there, in front of the TV, and interpret the whole 2 ½ hour movie in sign language for him.”

Eddie is taking classes at both Rocky River Elementary School, to learn sign language, math and English, and at Piedmont Middle School for his other subjects.

Written by: K Bland
Posted: Mar 09, 2010 by Kelleigh Bland

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