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A Visit from Bermuda

Karen Bramlett, a teacher in Bermuda, speaks to the children about life in Bermuda.

As part of the Global Awareness study that Western Union Elementary School has been involved in, Ms. Jill Williamson's and Mrs. Kim Kristufek's classes became Pen Pals with a class in Bermuda. The teacher of the Bermuda class has been a long time friend of Ms. Williamson. On Thursday, February 18th, Mrs. Karen Bramlett came all the way from Bermuda to meet the children and treat them to a wonderful and informative lesson about life in Bermuda.

The students learned how Bermudians recycle and take care of their small island, how expensive it is to live there, about the differences between our schools and their schools, and general information about Bermuda. Mrs. Bramlett used the document camera to show photographs and pictures in a book she read to them about Tiny the Treefrog. She also brought the students coral, booklets, brochures, Bermuda sand and Bermuda money. Ms. Williamson's and Mrs. Kristufek's classes will continue to exchange letters with Mrs. Bramlett's students as they are anxious to learn more about the beautiful island of Bermuda.

Written by: Jill Williamson
Posted: Mar 10, 2010 by Carrie Johnson

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