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It's Time to Rebelutionize the World

Ms. Bess' first semester Global Awareness students pose in their "Rebelution" t-shirts.

In the fall, Parkwood’s Global Awareness class was challenged to go outside the box to help those in need. After much brainstorming, the Parkwood Rebelution developed. Once the project had a name and a motto, they needed a cause to support. The class decided to work with Samaritan’s Purse to buy water filters for third world countries. The first semester class held class competitions to raise money and sold t-shirts. By the end of first semester, nearly $1,100 had been raised. Second semester’s Global Awareness class has plans to sell a new t-shirt design, bumper stickers, and hold a schoolwide competition. Each water filter cost $100 and will last a lifetime. To learn more about Rebelution or to donate to the cause, please contact Jennifer Bess, Global Awareness teacher.

Written by: Jennifer Bess, edited by Regina Snelson
Posted: Mar 11, 2010 by Mrs. Regina Snelson

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