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Safety Week

Rocky River celebrated safety week this week. During the safety week, many people came to give us tips on safety.

On the first day of safety week, a 911 dispatcher came to tell us what to do when someone tries to snatch you.  Kick, scream, do anything you can to get away.  They also told us the appropriate time to call 911.

The next day a person from safe touch came to talk about bullying and unsafe touches. Next we had firefighters come in and talk to us about fire safety and told us to be careful with very hot stuff like matches and candles.

The information that we learned during safety week will help us to stay safe.


Rocky River thanks AJ George for his sumbission of this story

Written by: AJ George - 4th grade - Miss B. Lawrence
Posted: Mar 12, 2010 by Kelleigh Bland

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