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The Science Fair

4th and 5th grade science club members participated in the Rocky River Science Fair this week with many excellent submissions. Some of the many things that we learned about were erosion, how to make batteries, what makes the best popcorn, and about simple circuits. These students have been working on their projects since January and dedicated a lot of time and effort to teaching us about their ideas.
The winners of the 5th grade Science Fair were:
1st place – JT with a display about Water and Wind Erosion
2nd place – Kayla with a display about the 2 Sides of Erosion
3rd place – Christian with a Hydraulic Lift

The winners of the 4th grade Science Fair were:
1st place – Jacob with a vinegar battery
2nd place – was a tie between Ben with a display on Moldy Foods and Nicolas with a potato versus lemon clock experiment
3rd place – went to the team of Patrick and Jessica with a display of Simple Circuits and Conductors of Electricity

The overall winner of the Science Fair for creativity was Donseia with an experiment about the effects of sodas and water on teeth. She concluded that Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi and Sweet Tea stained the teeth badly, the teeth in water looked the same and that the worst soda for your teeth was Mt Dew which decayed the tooth very quickly.

Thank you to all who participated in and came to see the Science Fair.

Written by: Kelleigh Bland
Posted: Mar 12, 2010 by Kelleigh Bland

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