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Fifth Grade class Skypes with author Patrick Carman

New Salem Elementary school recently had a virtual visit with Patrick Carman, the author who wrote the Elyon, Atherton, and Skeleton Creek series. Using Skype, fifth grade students got to ask questions they created to learn about Patrick Carman's journey as a writer. Fifth grade student, Bailey asked, “What is your next upcoming book?” and learned about Trackers, an interactive story that follows the adventures of four tech-savvy teens. Patrick Carman shared that he would even send a copy of his new book to New Salem Elementary School! Karis asked, “What made you want to write?”. First, Patrick Carman responded that he liked the name Karis and might use it in a book one day! Second, he said that as a kid, he always told stories, like many kids do. That is where his passion for writing started. When Blake asked, “Did you like school when you were younger?” he shared with students that he was a horrible speller when he was in school. When he decided to become a writer about ten years ago, he had to practice writing every day. He encouraged students to follow their interests and with practice they could become great. Fifth grade teacher Mrs. Harris said, “Speaking with Patrick Carman using Skype was such an amazing experience, especially for being free. This was a fantastic opportunity for my students to have an authentic conversation with a bestselling children’s author!”


Written by: Co-written by Sarah L., Fifth Grade Student, and Jessica Harris, Fifth Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 30, 2010 by Tracy Jones

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