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Parent Workshop Coming in April: "Celebrate Calm"

Join us for a humorous, practical workship with best-selling author and nationally recognized expert, Kirk Martin, who has trained over 45,000 parents and teachers.  "Celebrate Calm" specializes in working with intense children, including families affected by AD/HD, Anxiety, Sensory Issues, Aspergers, Autism, ODD, and OCD.  However, his strategies are valuable tools for all parents and caregivers.

This workshop is for both parents and teachers and will be held over two sessions in the Rea View gymnasium on Friday, April 23.  Session 1 is from 10am to Noon and Session 2 is from 7pm to 9pm.  Come discover two dozen practical strategies to calm your home, enjoy stress-free discipline and homework time, and help your kids become more responsible.

Martin will provide strategies to:

  • Create a stress-free home - eliminate yelling, arguing, and power struggles (even with teens).
  • Channel disrespect and defiance into problem solving.
  • Help improve focus, attention, and behavior in school.
  • Relieve anxiety and sensory issues.
  • Help students develop vision, internal motivation, and responsibility.
  • Create stress-free discipline and homework time.
  • Get your kids off their video games without saying a word.

Martin will explain why your kids are bossy, anxious, and easily overwhelmed; sabotage friendships, demand fairness and say "I'm bored"; like to argue, fidget, make noises or chew, have difficulty writing, sleeping and maintaining eye contact.  Medication, nutrition, and handling sibilings will be addressed as well.

This presentation is being offered in a morning and evening session so please plan to attend as your schedule allows. 

Feel free to contact Kellie Spear at ivem2001@windstream,net or Susan Schroeder at susanschroeder4@gmail.com with any questions you may have.  No registration is required.

Written by: Diann Harvey
Posted: Mar 31, 2010 by Diann Harvey

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