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Union County Public Schools Child Nutrition - Program of Excellence

Throughout the years, the Union County Public Schools Child Nutrition Program has won many awards. In 2004 the program received the “Keys of Excellence” Award, sponsored by the National School Nutrition Association. This award is based on the four “keys” of good business practices. The Child Nutrition Program was one of a handful of districts to apply and receive this award.

 In 2005 the Child Nutrition Program won an award for the creative utilization of commodities. This award was sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture, with competition open to all fifty states. The award was especially meaningful since the program takes great pride in the quality and creation of its menus and recipes. Beefy Nachos, one of the most popular entrées, was created using USDA commodities.
The Child Nutrition Program applied for and won this award once again in 2007, highlighting such items as the Cuban pork sandwich, spicy tomato soup, and chicken fajita salad. The creative use of these commodities impacts not only the students, but also the program’s bottom line, resulting in savings of thousands of dollars over the course of the year. In our continuing efforts to provide the students of Union County quality foods and greater access to fresh fruits and vegetables, we will continue to put our best food forward.

Written by: Davida Cambria
Posted: Apr 06, 2010 by Davida Cambria

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