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4th Grade Student Writes and Donates Books to Kindergarten Class

Author, Dillon, reads his published books to Mrs. Mangum's kindergarten class.

Inspired by Michael Finklea, children's author who recently visited Union Elementary School, Dillon, a 4th grade student, decided to start writing his own books. He wanted to write picture books that could be placed in Kindergarten classrooms in his own school. Dillon wrote two books, one entitled "Welcome to My World" and the second called "Animals That Help Us." He said he came up with the idea of "Welcome to My World" because he had never heard of anything like that before and thought it would be cool to write a book about things around him. His second book, "Animals That Help Us" tells about different animals in the world that help us out such as bees, cows, goats and more. After writing and publishing his books, Dillon read the books to Mrs. Mangum's kindergarten class during their storytime. He then donated the books to their classroom library for students to enjoy.


Written by: Jennifer Williams
Posted: Apr 14, 2010 by Jennifer Williams

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