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Weddington Scouts

Bottom Row: Luke Drye, Alyssa Springer, Katie Gutt, Austin Cureton. Top Row: Brian Winslow, Jason Puckett, Matt Wilson, Will Thomas.

This year Weddington High School is proud to represent six scouting students who have obtained the highest award the organization has to offer. Four of these students are Boy Scouts who became Eagle scouts; the other two, Girl Scouts who were given the Gold Award. To be honored with either of these highest honor titles, each student had to accomplish a personal leadership/ service project they felt compelled to create and be a part of. By completing this last step to reaching the end of the scouting totem pole, they were giving back to society.
A few of the student’s projects included collecting bilingual books for local libraries, building a ramp for a dock at an underprivileged children’s camp, and building a Prayer-Labyrinth outside a church. All of these projects reflected the interests of the students as well as showed their loyalty to serving in their community. Senior Alyssa Springer described what she has taken from her experience as a Girl Scout, “I feel like through Scouting I’ve developed a really good set of values. I learned about the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever felt, which is doing anything I can to help everyone I can.”

Written by: Camryn Stahlman-Dwyer, student
Posted: Apr 16, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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