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World Culture Day

Customs, cuisines and clothing from around the globe were on display March 31 for Weddington Elementary's first World Cultures Day. Eight guest exhibitors brought their nations to life for us, contributing to students' understanding of other places. 

It was a colorful day in many ways, including a display of national flags. The flags lined the hallway as students proceeded from one exhibit to the next. Each of our guests described life and customs in the country they represented. Many wore traditional attire as they spoke about location, climate, foods, and clothing. Several displays included artifacts, hands-on items, or activities to capture students' attention. For example, the China exhibit presented a video of Chinese dancing and provided fortune cookies.

In the afternoon, students were treated to a show featuring dancers from Greece, China, India, and Mexico; a violinist playing traditional Chinese violin music; and a martial-arts presentation.

We're already looking forward to World Cultures Day next year!


Written by: Jackie Campbell & Mary Woytisek, Teachers
Posted: Apr 20, 2010 by Colleen Salter

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