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Cavaliers Tie-Dye for Earth Day

Earth Day is a day set aside to inspire appreciation and awareness of our environment. Students in Ms. Katie Hilborn's Honors Earth and Environmental Science class celebrated it by creating their own tie-dye shirts and writing their philosophies on them such as "Do What I Say on 2010 Earth Day," "Stopping Pollution is the Solution," and "Don't be Blue, Go Green." The tie dye activity was to capture attention with the 70's retro theme with sayings like "Hug a Tree - Feel Free." Earth Day started in 1970 and this year is the 40th anniversary. The students had to get their peers and teachers to agree with their slogan and sign their names on their shirts for a commitment.

The Honors Earth and Environmental Class also has an associated project to research Ben and Jerry's commitment as a company to being eco-friendly and modeled their tie dye theme as well. Ben and Jerry's believes in Thermorefrigeration, taking away Global Warming and has an eco-conscious commitment as a company. The students also held an environment oriented debate in class.

Pictured in their tie-dyes are are freshmen Christie Glair, Anthony Garera, Sydney Aldinger, Katie Kamin, Alex Norton, Bridget Coomber, Alex Simmons, Madison Simmons, Kathleen Cashman, Alyssa Hart, Danielle Wallace, Naish Lalloo, Aria Smith, Terry Woo, and junior Chase Lunning.


Written by: Paula White
Posted: Apr 22, 2010 by Paula White

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