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Raptors come to Marshville

Presenter holding Barn Owl

Carolina Raptor Center came to Marshville to do an educational program for our first graders on Raptors. With live birds of prey in her hand the presenter kept our kids captivated. Our first grade students learned all about birds of prey and how they survive and adapt to their surroundings.

The students also learned how they can do their part in keeping the raptors safe by not throwing out any food on the side of the road. Birds can be harmed by cars when they are trying to catch the rodents that are on the side of the road eating the food that has been thrown out of car windows.

The presenter told the children, “These birds have never been taught that roads are dangerous and to look both ways.”

Waving wings of both a hawk and an owl in the air in front of the children showed them how the owl’s flight is silent which allows them to sneak up on their prey at night. The students could hear the hawk’s wing when she flapped it, but the owl’s wing was silent when she waved it.

The children were able to see a Red-Tailed hawk, a Broadway Hawk and a Barn Owl. With this presentation, our students were able to get up close and become friendly with some of the fiercest birds in our skies and they learned about them and how to keep them safe.

Written by: Kerri Edwards
Posted: Oct 27, 2011 by Kerri Edwards

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