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Meet Our New VIF Teacher: Mrs. Annette Hollis

Have you noticed something different about the newest addition to Weddington’s fourth grade teaching staff? Mrs. Hollis has come to Weddington through the Visiting International Faculty (VIF) program all the way from New Zealand. As a part of North Carolina’s commitment to globalization, it is envisioned that bringing international teachers to the classrooms will enable children to obtain a more global perspective and expose them to other cultures and places that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

Mrs. Hollis was living and teaching a fourth grade equivalent class on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand until the middle of July this year. She traveled with her husband (who is also teaching through the VIF program at another Union County school) at the end of July and underwent a week’s orientation program before starting the new school year.

Alongside teaching the expected North Carolina course of study, Mrs. Hollis’ class will be able to enhance her student’s learning experiences with opportunities to compare and contrast North Carolina culture with that of New Zealand. Learning conversations in Social Studies have revolved around the geographic features between the two areas, as well as information about the native people of both countries. The upcoming Animal Adaptations unit in Science particularly lends itself to discussing the unique and wonderful wildlife that can be found in New Zealand. Additionally, in time for Halloween, the entire fourth grade were involved in finding out how to say ‘pumpkin’ in different languages and about the use of pumpkins in different countries, including New Zealand.

Next time you speak with a member of Mrs. Hollis’ class, ask them all about the Kiwi bird, the Maori people, what school might be like in New Zealand or the recent Rugby World Cup that was hosted in New Zealand!

Written by: Cassie Sloop
Posted: Nov 03, 2011 by Cassie Sloop

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