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Shiloh Has Gone Green

Shiloh's Green Team helps our school recycle.

Shiloh’s Green Team helps with the recycling of paper and plastic around our school. Bins are located throughout the school where students and staff can deposit items to be recycled. Each classroom is encouraged to collect recyclables, too. The students are responsible for the collection and monitoring of the paper. School News commercials show students how to look for the “1” and “2” recycling symbols that are found on the bottom of plastic containers.

The Green Team Club has placed reminders next to every light switch in the school to remind everyone to “Be bright, turn out the lights!” Not only have the students and staff at Shiloh taken on these initiatives, but the parents and community have provided tremendous support as well.
Did you know that caps should be removed from plastic bottles before recycling? That is because they are made from a different type of plastic that must be reused separately. We are partnered with Aveda to recycle these bottle caps. The company gives us free shipping labels to send these bottle caps to a recycling company who can use them! So, all that we need to do is collect them and box them up. However, we are only able to collect bottle caps from the school building.
Additionally, rain barrels were installed around the school property in order to collect rain water. This water is then used to water the flowers, bushes, and shrubs that surround Shiloh. This helps conserve water and save on the cost of watering. In response to previous droughts, Shiloh students and staff planted flowers and bushes that were low maintenance and drought resistant. The students learned to read the labels on the plants in order to see which ones could withstand the heat and which ones responded best to little water.

In closing, our school is proud to do our part to recycle items and help make our planet a better place. We recycle paper, plastic bottles, and bottle caps. Shiloh students also recycle Capri Sun wrappers, plastic bottles, bottle caps, and used ink jet cartridges. Although we are not equipped to collect materials from home, the students are building good character and responsibility for the future. Mrs. Kate Milutin serves as the Green Team sponsor.

Written by: Scott Spencer and Kate Milutin
Posted: Nov 08, 2011 by Mark Greene

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