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Pen Pal Exchange

Have you ever wondered what life is like in Kenya? What school is like there? What about Poland? Students in Mrs. Ramsaur and Mrs. Gwinn's sixth grade language arts classes are getting the chance to find out this year! These students are participating in a pen pal exchange with several schools in Kenya and Poland. Throughout school year they will be writing three handwritten letters to students from Kenya and Poland. In return they will receive three letters from their new friends on two different continents! This will be a new opportunity to learn about family, life, culture and school for students around the world in their country. Mrs. Ramsaur and Mrs. Gwinn are also writing letters along with Dr. Radke to two teachers and a principal in Kenya!

To help students as they prepared to write their first letters, a guest speaker was invited to come and share about the people, culture and life in Kenya. Mr. Nick nGriffin traveled to Kenya over the summer this year working in an orphanage and going into schools. He was able to show students handmade crafts from Kenya as well as many pictures and even some video. One video showed us that not only do people in Kenya have the steering wheel on the opposite side of the car, they even drive their cars on the opposite side of the road! Double the confusion for us! Throughout the morning Mr. Griffin stayed around after his presentation in each class to answer students' questions and help as they finished up their letters to their pen pals. After seeing pictures of the people and countryside of Kenya, students were very excited to ask some new questions of their pen pals and get their letters out in the mail!

Letters are going out to Kenya and Poland this week! We look forward to getting our first letters in return! Later this year students may also have the opportunity to learn more about another country some students are sending letters to - Poland!


Written by: Lindsay Gallagher
Posted: Nov 09, 2011 by Karen Barbee

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