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Sardis Loves to Silly String!

Mrs. Proctor and Mrs. Zorn were covered!

All of the specials teachers were silly stringed because we raised enough money for Invest-a-Kid!  Around 2:30, all of the specials teachers lined up and the kids got their silly string.  The teachers were ducking for cover, but the tape wasn't off the bottles!

Dressed as clowns, witches, fairies, and weirdos, the teachers were attacked by the kids with silly string!  Blue, yellow and green were everywhere!  It was a big, stringy mess!  The teachers were yelling so loudly!  The special area teachers were switching spots and saving each other from getting silly stringed!

A couple of days later, it was administration's turn to get silly stringed.  Kids from each grade level went to the media center to get silly!  The administrators were wearing raincoats.  It was fun to see!  They were squirting them like crazy then - BAM! - they surprise attacked the kids!  Surprise!  Mrs. Zorn was covered!  In the end they were like "Stop!  Stop!  That's enough!"


Written by: Mrs. Geisinger's Fourth Grade Class
Posted: Nov 12, 2011 by Jodi McConkey

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