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Congrats to Mrs. Caldwell, our Teacher of the Year!

Yay for Mrs. Caldwell!

Mrs. Caldwell is the TEACHER OF THE YEAR!  She is so nice and she's the best teacher.  She is very organized, she helps her students whenever they need it, and she teaches great math skills.  Mrs. Caldwell is very funny, even when she's serious!  She also teaches us really good reading and writing skills.

We think that Addison and Hayden are lucky to have her as a mother.  And she can sing with her mouth closed!  She works at our pace and level in all subjects.  She is very patient, even if something takes a really long time.  Mrs. Caldwell is very positive about things and her attitude is good.  She's unique!  She has confidence in us!  She believes in us!

She's the greatest teacher we've ever had!  Congrats!  We love you Mrs. Caldwell!

Written by: Mrs. Caldwell's Fourth Grade Class
Posted: Nov 12, 2011 by Jodi McConkey

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