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Tom Risser believes "Art Should Have A Heart"

This bright sculpture is placed in the garden for students as well as adults to admire. It is a great inspiration for young artist, and as well as builds imagination in young learners.

The fourth grade class had the opportunity to visit local Waxhaw artist, Tom Risser’s home this past Friday (11/04/11). Tom has opened his home to our school for the past four years. Set on five acres, his land is covered with hundreds of sculptures that he has created over the past 12 years.

At his house, Tom talked to the students about his unique artistic style. He uses scraps of metal to create a variety of sculptures. Most of his sculptures have a heart hidden in them. He believes that “Art should have Heart”. The students excitedly searched for hidden hearts in all of his pieces.

Tom talked to the students about where he gets his artistic inspiration from. He constantly keeps his eyes open to things around him, and has gotten inspiration from everything from leaves on the ground to his children’s drawings. He talked to them about the difference between abstract work, and realistic work; both of which are represented at his house.

Tom has a generous partnership with BHESA. Each year, the fourth grade class will draw a picture in art class. Tom chooses a handful of their drawings and makes their drawing into a life-sized sculpture to be displayed in the gardens around our school. The sculptures are painting in bright, vibrant colors, and they captivate the students who call this school home.

We are blessed to have such an incredible partnership with Tom. Students talk about him all year round and there is always a buzz around the hallways when you mention a visit to his home.

Written by: Erica Crosier, Art Teacher
Posted: Nov 14, 2011 by Robin Pettit

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