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Third Grade Entrepreneurs!

Third graders show off the airplanes they designed.

Third grade students at Porter Ridge became entrepreneurs during a recent Social Studies unit. They worked in small groups to design and fold the best airplane possible so they could have a successful airplane factory. The purpose of the project was for students to experience firsthand how to create and operate a successful business with a product that applied to their interests.

Students worked together in groups to create their airplane business. Each member was responsible for a specific job within the business. They were required to discuss and record who their consumers would be and how the production process would go.

Students used renewable, nonrenewable, and natural materials. They had to decide the best way to package and ship their products. Their business plans also included what they would do to increase sales in the event that their business was not successful. After producing their product, each group had to present their airplane to the class using the advertisement they created.

Why teach economics this way? Third grade teachers noticed that this year’s group of students is very creative. “We decided to capitalize on this and engage them in an activity where their creativity would soar!” commented Mrs. Jennifer Hoover, one of the teachers.

Students thought the project was exciting! The results of the learning activity went beyond economic and business skills. “I learned that you need to work together with others to make your business better,” exclaimed a third grader!

Written by: Penny Tomberlin and Amanda Furr
Posted: Nov 16, 2011 by Carol Blackwelder

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