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Teacher Recognized Twice in One Day

Ms. Moretz (pictured in the middle) shares her excitement with a first grade class,a representative from Union Power Cooperative(left) and Mrs. McCoy Benton Heights Principal(pictured right).

Ms. Dawn Moretz, our drama teacher at BHESA’s received an unexpected but very welcomed surprise. On Wednesday, November 9, 2011 Union Power Cooperative presented her with a "Bright Ideas" grant for this year. Ms. Moretz submitted a project idea using the concepts of shadow puppetry. The students will use 21st century skills listening, brainstorming and problem-solving) as they develop puppets and scripts to perform shows with. The performances will be about multicultural folktales which fit BHESA's globalization initiatives. This grant was a perfect fit with our school’s philosophy to teach the core subjects, including literacy and science via the fine arts.

Through this grant, students will be introduced to the ancient art of shadow puppetry using scientific characteristics of light and shadows. By working in collaborative groups, puppets will be constructed, original scripts written and performances given for younger classes. This project will focus on the current 120 Third graders at BHESA. One of the great needs for our students is to build stamina through the use of highly engaging curriculum. This will be an excellent chance to reach a wide variety of innate intelligences based on the research around multiple intelligences. (Dr. Howard Gardner)

The students will engage in using dramatic and visual arts that will encompass a variety of academic skills. This will be lead to the mission and purpose to produce workers that are fluent in 21st century skills. The process to create the end product will be based on rubrics that will allow the students to know of the expectations that will be required for a grade and a successful outcome. Ms. Moretz plans to utilize this project for years to come in her elementary drama classes. "Shadow Stories" is slated to begin in February 2012 and conclude with performances in April.

BHESA would like to congratulate Ms. Moretz on receiving this grant and also on the very same day, being named "Teacher of the Year" for our school.


Written by: Robin Pettit
Posted: Nov 16, 2011 by Robin Pettit

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