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Antioch Honors Its Veterans

We honor our servicemen.

The week of November 7th, Antioch honored our Armed Forces in several ways.  On Monday, we had two Marine Corps officers, SSgt Julian Santiago and PFC Garay (who just came out of boot camp) join us in the cafeteria during lunch time.  They set up a table and talked to the students as they ate their lunch.  PFC Garay's job is going to be a cook, so this worked out perfectly.  Tuesday was Red, White, and Blue day for all the students to dress up in.  On Wednesday, the cafeteria served Celebration Cake.  

Jeanine Pultorak, our cafeteria manager, said she wanted to have "Red, White, and Blue Week" to honor all branches of the Armed Forces.  "The students seemed to enjoy it.  We sent a cake down to the Recruit office last week as well to thank them for their participation.  I will be awarding the class with the most participation last week with a 'free dessert' day as well."

Angela Scott, a fourth grade teacher, also helped.  For the past six years her class has created a large US flag on the wall made of stars.  The stars represent military members that are friends/family of students/staff in the school.  "My family is a military family.  As an 'Army brat', I lived in more than eight homes, and went to six different elementary schools.  My father was gone for months at a time.  It is important for me to honor those who serve," Mrs. Scott states.

The idea for the schoolwide event was spurred on by Laura Shea, a CN assistant.  Her son is in the Marines, and she just happened to stop by the Marine Recruit office and asked if they would visit the school.  Jeanine passed out flags for students to color and asked them to send in any photos of military friends/family.  Those photos were either hung in the cafeteria or on Mrs. Scott's flag wall display.  

"My favorite part is seeing the students standing at the flag looking for stars and talking to their peers about what they know of our military who have served or are serving now,"  Ms. Scott replied.

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Nov 17, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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