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Learning about the past

Mrs. Mangum and Mrs. Boyd’s kindergarten class learned many things about days of the past during their field trip to “Aw Shucks Farms” on October 31st. They learned about the many uses of corn throughout the years of long ago. The corn was planted by hand, a few kernels per hole. After the corn was harvested, it was removed from the cob by a machine that was operated by hand. Corn was used to feed the animals and the husks were used as brooms, as well as clothes for a doll. The cobs were used as “toilet paper”! Ouch! The students also learned about various products that contained corn. They were all surprised that crayons, cotton balls, and plastic items were made from corn. All of the students were amazed, entertained, and fascinated by the stories that Bonnie Griffin, owner of Aw Shucks Farms, shared with them. It was a fun and educational field trip. The students realized how fortunate they are to live in the more “modern” times!

Written by: Cindy Mangum, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Nov 18, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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